lispdoc - results for mismatch

(mismatch sequence1 sequence2 &rest args &key from-end (test #'eql)
 (test-not nil) (start1 0) (end1 nil) (start2 0) (end2 nil) (key nil))
Function: The specified subsequences of SEQUENCE1 and SEQUENCE2 are compared element-wise. If they are of equal length and match in every element, the result is NIL. Otherwise, the result is a non-negative integer, the index within SEQUENCE1 of the leftmost position at which they fail to match; or, if one is shorter than and a matching prefix of the other, the index within SEQUENCE1 beyond the last position tested is returned. If a non-NIL :FROM-END argument is given, then one plus the index of the rightmost position in which the sequences differ is returned.
(defun seq-starts-as (text prefix-str)
  "returns non-nil iff TEXT starts as STR"
  (let ((diff-pos (mismatch prefix-str text)))
    (or (null diff-pos)
        (>= diff-pos (length prefix-str)))))
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