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(listen &optional (stream *standard-input*))
 Mentioned in:
CLtL2 - 22.2.1. Input from Character Streams
HyperSpec - Function LISTEN
Successful Lisp - chapter19
(trivial-gray-streams:stream-listen stream)
Function: This is used by LISTEN. It returns true or false. The default method uses STREAM-READ-CHAR-NO-HANG and STREAM-UNREAD-CHAR. Most streams should define their own method since it will usually be trivial and will always be more efficient than the default method.
(usocket:socket-listen host port &key reuseaddress
 (reuse-address nil reuse-address-supplied-p) (backlog 5)
 (element-type 'character))
Function: Bind to interface `host' on `port'. `host' should be the representation of an ready-interface address. The implementation is not required to do an address lookup, making no guarantees that hostnames will be correctly resolved. If `*wildcard-host*' is passed for `host', the socket will be bound to all available interfaces for the IPv4 protocol in the system. `port' can be selected by the IP stack by passing `*auto-port*'. Returns an object of type `stream-server-usocket'. `reuse-address' and `backlog' are advisory parameters for setting socket options at creation time. `element-type' is the element type of the streams to be created by `socket-accept'. `reuseaddress' is supported for backward compatibility (but deprecated); when both `reuseaddress' and `reuse-address' have been specified, the latter takes precedence.