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(length sequence)
Function: Return an integer that is the length of SEQUENCE.
(defun table-size (table) (length (rows table)))
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(list-length list)
Function: Return the length of the given List, or Nil if the List is circular.
 Mentioned in:
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(file-length stream)
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Variable: How many elements at any level should be printed before abbreviating with "..."?
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(integer-length integer)
Function: Return the number of non-sign bits in the twos-complement representation of INTEGER.
 Mentioned in:
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( &rest sequences)
Function: Takes any number of sequences or integers in any order. Returns true iff the length of all the sequences and the integers are equal. Hint: there's a compiler macro that expands into more efficient code if the first argument is a literal integer.
(file-string-length stream object)
 Mentioned in:
CLtL2 - 23.3. Renaming, Deleting, and Other File Operations
HyperSpec - Function FILE-STRING-LENGTH
(hunchentoot:content-length object)
(hunchentoot:content-length* &optional (reply *reply*))
Function: The outgoing 'Content-Length' http header of REPLY.
Type: Type designator for a dimension of an array of LENGTH: an integer between 0 (inclusive) and LENGTH (inclusive). LENGTH defaults to ARRAY-DIMENSION-LIMIT.
(flexi-streams:char-length sequence &key (external-format latin1) (start 0)
 (end (length sequence)))
Function: Kind of the inverse of OCTET-LENGTH. Returns the length of the subsequence (of octets) of SEQUENCE from START to END in characters if decoded using the external format EXTERNAL-FORMAT. Note that this function doesn't check for the validity of the data in SEQUENCE. This function is optimized for the case of SEQUENCE being a vector. Don't use lists if you're in a hurry.
(flexi-streams:octet-length string &key (external-format latin1) (start 0)
 (end (length string)))
Function: Returns the length of the substring of STRING from START to END in octets if encoded using the external format EXTERNAL-FORMAT. In spite of the name, STRING can be any sequence of characters, but the function is optimized for strings.
Variable: HTTP return code (411) for 'Length Required'.
( list)
Function: Returns length of LIST, signalling an error if it is not a proper list.
( sequence length)
Function: Return true if SEQUENCE is a sequence of length LENGTH. Signals an error if SEQUENCE is not a sequence. Returns FALSE for circular lists.
(flexi-streams:output-stream-sequence-length stream)